Starting Your Essential Oil Business

Some of you may have already experienced the amazing powers of essential oils and want to share these oils with friends and family and your community. How would you like to have your own business living the life you were designed to live? How many of you would love to have time and financial freedom? How many of you would love to completely impact the lives of others around you by simply sharing essential oils?

That’s exactly how I got started…and you can to! It’s that simple!

When I started this in November of 2015, I initially brought the oils into my house simply to offer my family a better option for our health and wellness. Within the first week having the essential oils at home, I was asked by a friend to think about earning extra income by sharing them with friends and family. After my initial experience with the essential oils, I knew that there was no mistaking how powerful they really were.

I knew all I had to do was share the oils and the experience would speak as to how they work. I started to learn more about how to properly introduce the oils to others outside my circle of friends and community and that’s how my business began to grow.  I’m not saying it was easy-peasy but I can say it's as simple as opening the bottle and passing it around for people to experience. 

Within a few short months, I was making a few extra hundred dollars which covered my own oil purchase and more. I started taking the extra $50 to $100 I was making and putting it back into my business to pay for business materials such as business cards and samples to educate people about essential oils.

Most of the tools and learning was all free and accessible which made getting started that much easier. I started by just wanting to use the oils and now I’m building an income for my family. I’m on my way to building my dream life and you can, too. Simply decide to take action and start building your own essential oil business. Join my community of amazing leaders and women just like you.  

The benefits of getting started, in addition to extra income:

  • BE apart of an amazing community of like-minded women
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship
  • Receive free product of the month
  • Receive all needed training materials and resources
  • Have the ability to do this part-time
  • Free product shipping
  • Earn monthly commissions simply by sharing product
  • Save on purchased product by 25-55%
  • Be invited to the best celebration parties
  • Access the most up-to-date business information and tools

Want To Get Your Business Started

Getting started is SIMPLE… here are options for you to choose from and you are on your way to starting your own essential oil business!

1.     Click to start up now.

2.     Contact for more information.

*** NOTE: Enrolling with an enrolment kit will be your best value to bring the oils home. When you join, I will personally send you an A-to-Z Starter Guide on how to use your essential oils with your family plus you will get additional support from me!

It is SUPER EASY…and here are a few choices for you to get that Wholesale Customer Account open and your essential oils on your way to you!