Helping You Step Into Confidence


Hi, I'm Neeshea!

I am a Makeup Artist, Beauty & Wellness Educator and a FIERY Biz Coach!

I help women magnify their confidence through beauty & lifestyle!


What if I told you that I am going to be bringing you a program that takes you through creating your money making makeup look but also reveals to you trade secrets even my clients never knew. Beauty Camp is a companion program which bridges two of my passions Natural Wellness and Beauty!

when we look and feel our best we bring our best everyday!

We dive into skincare, makeup, anti-aging, healthy habits and you will get a list of my go to products I trust and use everyday. Not only that the community we have is a great become a “Beauty Club”.

I have a VIP wait list that will keep you in the know when it is revealed.

Click on the image to join the wait list.

Stay humble, stay blessed, stay beautiful!

Xo, Neeshea


Learn about essential oils

Essential oils changed my life and made a huge impact to my family's wellness and continues to make a huge impact on a global scale. If you want to learn more about essential oils, bring them into your home and share them with the people in your life or if you want to make essential oils your business, I have answers for you!


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