I’m looking for women who are passionate

about creating a BEAUTiful life with intention



Let me ask you this...

  • Have you ever wanted to make money doing something you love?

  • Have you ever wanted to build your own business but wasn't sure how to successfully do that?

  • Are you looking to have time freedom to do the things you love most?

  • Have the flexibility of being your own boss?

  • Do you acquire to have a balanced work and home life?

  • Are you ready to get out of debt?

  • Are you working full time but want to make a change?

Then you're in the right place!

Everything you need to build a life and business you love with a proven system.

The only thing is that you have to want to do the work and work the plan! 


Step 1

Watch this video!

Step 2

Put YOU first! Start living the life you want to create. Become a product of the product!

Creating a business means you have to have your mindset, heart-set and skill set in check! Taking care of yourself first is going to be the best way for you to get in the best health to perform at your greatest potential. 

Start on the right path by getting the education you need about how to support your body with natural solutions. ( There’s OIL CAMP for that and I have my very own Signature Program BEAUTY CAMP!)

Next, live the natural SUPER NATURAL Beautiful lifestyle. My goal is to MAP out your 90 day plan!! So you know what you need over the next 3 months to build your product confidence as you beautify your body and support your lifestyle with natural wellness.

The best way to be an influencer to people is to speak from the heart to people on what made these products SO amazing for YOU! People want to hear your story!

Step 3

Sharing is CARING! Gosh probably and oldie but a goodie and it’s so true! If you want people to know you as an GO TO person for your product you need to share share and share some more! The more you share the more you’ll gain some raving FANS!

Now to make a COMMISSION with dōTERRA you need to have a Wellness Advocate account so make sure you either enroll with a Wholesale Customer account and UPGRADE to Wellness Advocate after 90 days or anytime really! Or enroll as a Wellness Advocate.

Just heads up…you will need to or a 100 pv order if you want to qualify to earn commissions! If you’re just planing on living the super Natural Beautiful Life then just be clear there are NO minimum orders required. You have the flexibility to order as your little heart desires.

Now fast forward to launching your business…

Can you imagine all the people that will be excited to support you when you launch? Another a heads up (and BIZ tip), you’re gonna want to write down their names because those are the first people that will be your hosts when you launch within your Launch Month!

I'm looking for women who...

  • Are ready to be confident

  • Have a passion for people

  • Who are coachable

  • Have a passion for natural wellness (If you’re coming from the beauty industry EVEN BETTA!)

  • Are open to weekly mentorship

  • Are open to attend weekly conference calls

  • Are open to put in part-time hours to grow their business

  • Are open to start with an enrolment kit (start at $150 initial investment to start your own business)

  • Are open to order at $125 of wellness product each month (this qualifies you to earn commission monthly)


women who partner with me and join my team are supported with

  • Access to weekly mentorship and a 5 step process to building your business

  • Access to LAUNCH CAMP

  • Join our DAILY Fired and Focused CALLS

  • Access to a private online Facebook groups for mentorship tips and coaching

  • Set up with the tools you need to start your business

  • Invitation to quarterly events

  • Access to top females leaders on our team

  • Access to my ongoing webinars and training

  • Ability to participate in company incentives

  • And most important the opportunity to gain residual income and start living your BEAUTIFUL Life by design


if you are looking for a change andzs think this could be it, LET’S CONNECT!

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